I will be making a short presentation at the Resource Recycling Conference 2012 on some examples of information technologies that can be used by municipal recycling programs.

For additional information on some of the technologies mentioned by my presentation:

Getting Smart About Recycling – Recycling Online July 2010 (column about RFID technology – link to PDF coming soon)

Smartphones and Recycling – Part 1 – Recycling Online August 2012

Smartphones and Recycling – Part 2 – Recycling Online September 2012

This is a new blog that will be devoted to discussing a wide range of topics based on information that can be found on the Web with respect to (in no particular order of importance):

  • Municipal recycling program development and improvement.
  • Organic waste management
  • Product Reuse and reuse strategies
  • Waste reduction
  • Zero waste policies, planning and programs
  • Recycling Market Development
  • Social Marketing to increase recycling and reuse
  • Recycling and waste reduction education, outreach and incentives strategies
  • Waste management and reduction legislation and policies
  • New recycling technologies

Reader participation in the form of comments, questions, suggestions and pointers to new information sources are welcome and appreciated.

There is a lot about blogging that I am still learning so bear with me and check back regularly to see how it is evolving.



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